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Cancel my account and refund please

I have been unable to start my membership with you and would like to cancel and request a refund to my account billed on 8/23/17 to Jan MARINIER . Thank you! Please verify.

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I am trying to reach someone about this account. I do not want this subscription. Please acknowledge. I cannot reach anyone. Thank you

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Cancel all orders made today and refund my money  #134892 for $67.00 and  #134900 for $87.00 Please Reply

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I was just charged for something I did not authorize 12/25/2017. Please refund my money and cancel my subscription.

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I received a package you've charged my CC. I plan to return unopened box. Please cancel any other orders and refund my cc when you receive your package.

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I have three charges of 1.00 added on to my credit card. Please refund these charges. Cancel my account.

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Please cancel my account and issue a full refund. Thank you.

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I have not been able to log in. I request a password change; I receive the link, click on it, but still not able to log in.unable to locate a phone that I can call and discuss my issue... please cancel my membership

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I have also requested cancelation of my account with a full refund but this has not happened. I was supposed to get a book but never did and now I am told to return the book--it is a bit difficult since I never received it! It is going on 3 months since my order was placed and 6+weeks since I requested a refund. This is very frustrating.

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